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Our Health and Nursing staff members are here to support students’ health and wellness throughout their school experiences. From minor illness or injury to medication and other medical needs, our school can provide comprehensive care and guidance to ensure that all students are healthy, safe, and supported.
This site provides important information about required forms, policies, and other health related information. If you have questions or need support at any time, please do not hesitate to contact your school nurse.
Ellen Caruso

Ellen Caruso

Registered Nurse
Horace Greeley High School
Edith McCaffrey

Edith McCaffrey

Registered Nurse
Horace Greeley High School

Family Resources & FAQ

Please review both the Board of Education Policies about allergies and the Emergency Allergy Procedures and Health Care Plan in our Health Forms.

Click here for Health Policies and here for Health Forms

The following update was shared with CCSD families and staff on 3/5/24:

In consultation with our medical director and the Westchester County Department of Health, we will now follow the most recent CDC guidance, released on March 1, 2024.

When people get sick with a respiratory virus, the updated guidance recommends that they stay home and away from others. For people with COVID-19 and influenza, treatment is available and can lessen symptoms and lower the risk of severe illness. The recommendations suggest returning to normal activities when, for at least 24 hours, symptoms are improving overall, and if a fever was present, it has been gone without use of a fever-reducing medication.

- CDC Guidance, March 1, 2024

As a result of this new CDC guidance please be advised:

  • COVID-19 positive students/staff may return to school, when, for at least 24 hours, symptoms are improving overall, and if a fever was present, it has been gone without use of a fever-reducing medication.

  • COVID-19 positive students/staff will no longer be required to mask when they return to school. 

  • Remote instruction will no longer be offered to COVID-19 positive students/staff. If individuals are staying home, it is because they feel sick and they should be resting.

  • The District will no longer require a negative antigen COVID-19 test result when a symptomatic student/staff member is sent home from school.

Our medical director advises that we maintain our athletic clearance protocol in the event of a positive COVID-19 test among our student-athletes, before they resume team play. Our nursing staff and athletic director will collaborate with parents to ensure completion of the athletic attestation form once we are notified of a positive diagnosis.

Additionally, it's important to note that anyone within our facility, whether student or staff, has the option to wear a mask at their discretion. This personal choice will be honored and respected by all members of our community.