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Counseling FAQ

About School Counselors

The Greeley School Counselors support their student's academic, social and emotional wellbeing throughout their high school years. This includes monitoring student report cards and progress reports, guiding their course selection each year, helping them to become involved in the school community and walking them through the college search and post-secondary planning process. 

Counselors are assigned to students in ninth grade and stay with the student throughout their high school career. There are several factors that we keep in mind when we assign students to counselors. Most typically, if families have had older children attend Greeley, we assign younger siblings the same counselor. In addition, we are conscious of balancing the numbers of students assigned to each counselor in order to ensure that we are able to develop relationships with our families and to be responsive to our student’s needs.

The counselor has a wide range of responsibilities, which include:

  • Orientation to high school
  • Assisting in selection of courses, adjustment of course schedules, monitoring the completion of graduation requirements
  • Group meetings are held each year to enable the counselor and students to get to know each other better. These groups discuss issues in students’ lives, how decisions are made about course selection and future plans, how to balance time and how to get the most out of high school
  • Family and student sessions on the college selection process
  • Grade level meetings
  • Advice on the choice of a college, the transition to college, and life after high school

Frequently Asked Questions